My name is Chaz Stevens, in certain circles I'm a well-known First Amendment activist championing the need for a robust wall between Church and State.

Seems that you're opening up a door ... and thanks for that, as I'm going to seek permission to perform a Satanic invocation at your Trustee meeting.

Won't be the first time I've done that ... lost count in fact.

See you soon.


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Your agenda or whatever you would call it is one of the most u]intellectually embarrassing things I have ever read. The most useful thing you could do for the students of new college is humbly step aside. You are not in their league. You have this pretend earnestness that is so transparently, how can one say it, insincere. You draw a cartoon version of the things you want to talk about. Seriously, you make your "side" in all of this look a bit pathetic; like even if I were on your side to begin with I'd have serious doubt after reading this. Please step aside and let some serious people step up.

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"One example of a dogmatic expression of wokeness is the assertion that America and its institutions are systemically racist and must be torn down."

Where is the analysis, the deep dive into the multivarious reality of New College and the current culture, which would satisfy the outsider - the person who is not coming in with Mr. DeSantis's ukase ringing in his or her ears, the bogus random imperial judgement that would demonstrate why all this is happening, why it is necessary, with a solid, informed definition of terms?

You come to an academic institution that teaches and values respect for facts, logic, history, open discussion, diversity of opinion, and you come with a totally random "mission" imposed on you - and on New College - by a man of unprecedented appetite for power.

Why don't you begin by noting that your nominal mission stems from unvetted, undocumented political rhetoric, and that by rational standards, your first order of business is to work to find out whether Mr. DeSantis's reasons for sending you to this tiny school hold up under impartial, objective scrutiny?

How would you respond if Mr. Biden, or Ms Harris, or anyone decided that your school in Manatee County fails to meet educational standards, because it is "unwoke," or "fascist"?

Before you go about firing people, removing the general counsel and president of the Board of Trustees, do the necessary studies that would either support or negate your objective. Meanwhile, try to get to know the people you wish to purge, and get your act together so that you have more than an empty signifier on which to hang all this delirious and possibly misguided activity.

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By your own admission you lack the knowledge and experience to undertake the role. This is why your appointment is so utterly egregious. Virtually every aspect of your "plan" is hopelessly flawed and demonstrates a monumental lack of knowledge of how many of this works in a public institution operating under federal law. Perhaps the only thing that I take solace in is that the lack of understanding extends to being clueless that you are being used for someone else's ambitions and you too will be thrown under the bus when you outstay your immediate purpose. You cannot fix something that isn't broken, Mr. Speir. The very fact that you are expressing that high acceptance rates and low enrollment are "problems" demonstrates that you do not even have basic knowledge of the fact that those things intersect. You can't accept less students and raise enrollment. That sir, is backward math. Also, you cannot change culture with policy. A culture comes from the core values of the society and it's members. Do you believe that the students will simply stop using "woke" pronouns because you say so? If you do, you clearly haven't met many of these incredible young people.

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How is it possible to be concerned with religion in the school, then insist to begin meetings with prayer? Seems hypocritical.

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Are you using the state's definition of 'woke'?

I think you should keep the Counsel on the board, but it will be a lot more entertaining if you don't.

It's also hilarious - in a sad sort of way - that a guy who doesn't even know basic rules of order is now in charge and thinks he knows all the solutions to all the problems that never existed.

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Jan 31, 2023Liked by Eddie Speir

As a NCF student (third year mathematics major), I want to thank you and your fellow trustees for your dedication to reforming this institution. Please don’t give up or back down so much as an inch. The campus culture has long since become extremely toxic and politically oriented. I can’t understand how anyone who saw the reactions on behalf of both the faculty and the students in the meetings on the 25th could even begin to deny this simple fact. Just trust that there *are* students on campus who support this transition and are looking forward to the day when their political views and opinions aren’t deemed heretical—we have been quiet for a long time on this campus. But things are about to change!

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How do u manage to fit SO much genius into such a tiny post? You should definitely circle back with Ronny and see if he can waive Sunshine laws for you. Having to abide by public meeting rules can be such a drag. Clearly you are not familiar with Sunshine Laws nor Robert’s Rules or you would know that even posting your voting “PLAN” for Tuesday’s meeting is a potential violation. Hopefully your soon-to-be colleagues won’t be engaging with you on this genius post or you will all have plenty of time to tweak your plan (and pray) from jail. Not sure why you are pleading for home delivery of Robert’s Rules. Do u not have internet service to google from your millennium bunker?

I have some free advice for you. Leave the smart kids alone and crawl back to your cave. Liberty University might have a job opening for you- I think their head hypocrite is taking some personal time away for rehab.


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This was an embarrassing trainwreck to watch. Your 10 minute hold up regarding reclassifying psychology and economics was painful. Do you need information spoonfed to you? You certainly had access to the agenda beforehand, it was a public document. what do you mean “I don’t know what I don’t know,”? if you cannot adequately research items that have been printed on the agenda before meetings then please step down humbly. It’s a simple reclassification about two strategic points of interest for to increase performance metrics for a school you have been entrusted to improve. You may not see eye to eye with faculty but this was an uninformed and contrarian reaction to a non-partisan issue.

You and the rest of this board are making uninformed and rash decisions based on your impressions of New College less than a year into the job without seeing how it works. Firing the face of the organization in the first meeting (who students and faculty seem to adore, who has improved performance metrics, who has undoubtedly improved student-administrative trust after years of strife) was reckless and transparently a move to install some yes-men.

The longer this goes on the longer it looks like a hack job by some people with money and no equivalent experience who think they own the place because a big boy in a suit who wants to go to the White House said you could treat this institute of higher learning like a toy. If you want that, then go back to your private school you founded with no formal education experience so you can play favorites among parents like the big man you want to feel like.

Media sees that you are an embarrassment (if you dislike being a public figure, then don’t cry to USA Today about being covered).

Students see that you are an embarrassment and don’t care to deliver on improving college facilities or student life. Just go home, don’t come back. If you want this to be a young conservative Mecca then good luck, because without those facilities improvements I doubt any of those kids will want to stay without a robust college culture, rooms without mold, rooms renovated since 1960, and adequate food access.

Gutting the existing students and faculty without those tangible investments into infrastructure is going to sink you because the existing kinship is what makes the crumbling infrastructure bearable. I hope it does sink you if this is what you’re set on.

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I would rather be woke, intelligent, and patriotic than comatose, ignorant, and an anti-American TRAITOR like today's Republican Party.

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New College is the only school my senior wanted to go to and applied to attend. Now, with your crazy dogma and praying before meetings philosophy she isn't sure about her decision anymore. You and your supporters are making this small, inclusive, excellent College a place where students are scared because Proud Boys are there to terrorize them. Leave this school alone!

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Free advice: Enroll in one of New College's writing courses before you continue to write these error-filled posts. Also, "Wokeness" is a set of fantastical beliefs concocted by right-wing extremists, so cross out all those proposals a.s.a.p. Finally, rather than prayer, maybe try a few moments of silence to be used for whatever purpose you need as individuals.

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Why do the board chair and president need to be removed? Can you point to a specific violation of trust? Or do you just wish to get rid of anyone who doesn’t agree with you?

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Good grief, where is your humility, man?

The former leadership of my university (not in Florida) fired a large number of employees and then rehired about half of them. Do you know how those remaining employees feel? Absolutely betrayed, nearly 3 years later. Will they go above the minimum required? Sure, some will. Because they care about the students and each other. But morale remains in the sub-basement. Many lower-level administrators are downright bitter and do as little as they can. So much for efficiencies.

Is that the legacy you want?

There are reasonable conversations one can have about dogmatism. It's not confined to the left, as your own words reveal.

But what you plan is a putsch, not a conversation. You are about to destroy this college, a little gem in Florida.

Is that the legacy you want? Right now, it's the legacy you're choosing.

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This is satire, right?

Also, no one gives a single shit about when and where you personally pray. It's the making other people join and listen that infringes upon their rights. But, if you insist on making a spectacle of it, friendly reminder that JC wouldn't approve (Matthew 6:5, Luke 20:46-47).

Just sayin'.

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For the record: Systemic racism is real. It may be hard for you to believe but that’s because you are a white heterosexual man.

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