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We see a complete dearth of appropriate leadership and behaviour in America's institutions these days. To find fault with the adults in charge at New College just because some students have formed a "Resistance" movement is indicative of the current tenor in education and apparently, some churches today.

There is very little wisdom at New College. Was there any guidance provided by an administrator or professor to the male student wearing a dress, black lipstick and no shoes who spoke rudely to the BOT at the last meeting and then later stood in front of them doing a strange wiggle dance for a full minute and a half? Was anyone asking this man about drug use at 1 PM on a Tuesday? Anyone suggesting he fully and reasonably assess the bind that New College was previously in and be grateful for the school being revived by new trustees and the state? The sense of entitlement among so many in the younger generations is alarming-- but we can't blame them solely because most parents and adults have abdicated their responsibility. Too many parents expect the schools to raise their kids, but with traditional models of discipline becoming out of fashion thanks to bizarre theories from Ed schools, we now have masses of poorly socialized and ill mannered young people who have never heard the word NO. Just looks at Stanford Law-- the school has become an national embarrassment-- a once respected institution now populated by students with the temperment of two year olds.

I hope that Dorhauer spoke to the students and parents who came off looking so poorly at the last BOT meeting and tried to guide them toward a more peaceful temperament. However, I seriously doubt he did! A quick look at the UCC website shows support for BLM-- a radical Marxist organization which advocates the elimination of the police (in even the most dangerous communities!) and of the nuclear family-- the primary building block of civilizations. BLM collected over $73 BILLION in corporate cash in 2020 and the only thing we have to show for it is burned looted communities, toppled statues of people FAR better than they, and an increase of thousands and thousands of extra black deaths per year. It's not hard to figure out what side of the struggle between Good and Evil people like this are on the side of. Anyone who supports such nefarious aims should not be taken seriously.


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A minister who curses those selected to save a college is preaching misinformation. A Holy Ministry chastising good people who have trustworthy goals? No ... cursing our trustees is Satanic! The church of Satan has an on-campus meeting tonight, April 5th, part of college life.

In case you lack understanding of present day education, it is supported by both Liberation Theology and Satanism. For example, 1. The sexualization of minors and rejection of innocence. 2. The “black-face”of Women,(21st Century “mock-feminine” men parade in front of children with extension breasts, artificially highlighted eyes, ornate clothing, manifesting as objects,”possessions” rather that equal.)

Education also includes worse: approval of the devilment of children and youth. Surgery that scars the body. Hormone therapy for life. Not out of necessity - out of preference. - - - A Church of Christ minister tells a college board of Trustees in Dr. King’s distant future cursed changes the board makes will be erased - like them. His disdain is palpable.

No! In Dr. King’s “long corridor of history” body engineering will be seen as the pain we forced on children. A excruciating, unsuccessful anomaly once popularized by Western Media. It is exclusive to the most advanced civilizations, their youths horrifically deceived. As a disciple of Jesus, a leader - a minister - cannot perceive this misery?

Insubordination like this Minister’s angry curse reveals how far we have moved from the good, true and beautiful. Far enough to harm our children. I pray for the success of this board and against the forces attacking it.

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I had a few points in reaction to this post:

You mention in this writing that the Barmen Declaration was concerned with the opposition to viewing the world through the lens of race. Can you point out where in that document you see that connection?

Elie Wiesel, the Jewish author and Holocaust survivor, has written about the fact that one of the ways that we can ensure that an atrocity like the Holocaust never happens again is by remembering: remembering the stories of the victims, telling the accounts of the survivors, listening to what they have to say to us, even though these stories may be hard to hear. It is through the act of remembering that we work toward a future world where events like these never happen again.

I bring this up because when leaders like Ron DeSantis tell us that we are not allowed to teach in schools about our nation’s history when it comes to its racial injustice, it feels to many of us like a Holocaust denier who understands the power of memory and chooses to fight back by suggesting that none of it ever really happened.

One more point here, since you brought up Dietrich Bonhoeffer. I find him to be an interesting choice for you to use to make this argument, since he was a seminary student in New York who cut his teeth theologically in the black churches of Harlem. He learned about the Christian struggle against systematic injustice from the pews of Abyssinian Baptist under Adam Clayton Powell, where Jesus was a figure who lived and ministered with the oppressed, rather than sanctioning empire. Some go so far as to credit him with being the grandfather of liberation theology.

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I'd respectfully urge those who have somehow managed to live in denial of systemic oppression in the US to listen to this talk with a genuinely intelligent journalist. https://our-body-politic.simplecast.com/episodes/just-economy-jelani-cobb-on-rebuilding-trust-in-the-media-TSZW8dhR

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You cited this passage as support of your understanding of Liberation Theology:

<As important as feeding the hungry is, it cannot take the place of the gospel of Christ (see Acts 3:6). Mankind’s primary need is spiritual, not social. Also, the gospel is for all people, including the rich (Luke 2:10). Visitors to the Christ Child included both shepherds and magi; both groups were welcome. To assign special status to any group as being preferred by God is to discriminate, something God does not do (Acts 10:34–35). Christ brings unity to His church, not division along socio-economic, racial, or gender lines (Ephesians 4:15).> https://www.gotquestions.org/liberation-theology.html

This is entirely falsely reasoned. That the deity does not discriminate, that all layers of society are equal in his/her/theri eyes, is not by any means a justification for not taking strong social action to address huge economic, social, and racial inequalities. Indeed, it's not simple inequality at all - it is the intentional causal chain of privilege and systemic oppression that leads not simply to inequality, but to the negation of the dignity and value of our fellow women and men. This is an absolute disgrace, and covering it with a bogus bit blather vis a vis "spiritual" vs. "social" lines is sophistry. Cheap sophistry.

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